Thursday, December 31, 2009

Grant Narrows Regional Park - Nature Dyke Trail

December 29th, 2009

The trail begins beside the Riverside Grill. It's an easy flat trail for young and old. We brought hot chocolate and some snacks and enjoyed the nature.... 

A busy beaver ...........

.... working hard.

Must be female.

They stopped here for a light snack.

Looks like the males saved up enough Canadian Tire money and bought themselves a chain saw. 

Then off to bed..... exhausted.

The trail and view from the beaver's balcony. Luxury living at it's best.

View from the 2nd bedroom window.

To see a few videos.... see the You Tube side bar.....

It was nice adventure.... I smelled good stuff.... large rodent... eats tree.... I am smarter than rodent... I play with sticks... I do not eat them.... well...... I crunch them into little tiny bits.... but I do not swallow. I love my pack ape puppies.... they throw sticks for me... but pack leader does not want me to fetch them.... they throw sticks in water for me and the sticks slide on shiny stuff.... ICE... new word for me.... Pack leader says ICE too cold... He was right... Hard and cold... I do not like ICE.I love pack leader.... He takes care of me. 

I love to run.... Back and forth between pack lady and pack leader....

Yoda (feline pack leader) says I am a big stupid... for running back and forth when my pack calls me.... He says I am their amusement... I do not know what that is.... I will show him... I will not come when he calls me... BARK!


by Alora

1) Thicker ice for walking and skating on
2) Would have been nice if the beaver was awake... He didn't invite us for a cup of tea in his new house. Like to stay in the Beaver Hotel.
3) More Hot Chocolate

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Golden Ears Provincial Park - Lower Falls Trail

Christmas Day 2009

We were going to spend the day playing in the snow and tobogganing in Hemlock Valley but... we played with our new Wii game instead.... actually... for most of Christmas morning. So driving far was not an option.
 My daughter Nina, loves to sleep in.... this is the child I had to wake up to feed as a baby, but when Christmas morning came this year she was up really early.
"It's 4 am Kalina!" Alora groaned after she had been poked by her darling sis.
"Let's go open the stockings." Nina whispered, urging her sister to wake.
"When it's 6... I'll get out of bed."
Now you have to understand..... for 364 days of the year.... it's Alora urging Kalina out of bed. The child isn't even a teenager yet and she loves to sleep till noon on Saturday's (note to self: Nina needs incentives to get out of bed).
The girls were getting tired by 11 am.... so, when the 5th argument broke out, as to what game should be played.... well.... it was time to get some fresh air.

My Techie.... following directions on how to attach  the Wii to our 32' 1989 Sears TV.  Who needs wide screen? We don't watch TV much.

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"We haven't been to Golden Ears in a while?" I said to my spouse. Within a half of an hour, we were dressed, had a picnic packed and out the door.
Golden Ears Provincial Park web pages

Here's what the Park's web site says:

Lower Falls Trail: Gold Creek parking lot to Lower Falls. Hiking trail only (2.7 kilometres; suggested time: 1 hour; elevation change: minimal). A very popular, easy walk along Gold Creek to the 10-metre high Lower Falls. A beach area halfway to the falls is a good spot for a picnic or a sunbathe. Some of the best scenery in the park is visible just beyond.

It's all true. It's such a nice trail. Easy walk. Quiet. Peaceful. Serene.... if you are alone. (insert happy face here).

There is lots of mud... at this time of the year.. so wear good boots. Enjoy the fresh air!

                                                                             DOG'S BLOG

jdsgfjlaiusy;skhbvc.kj.(It's hard to type when you don't have fingers. My pack lady will write for me).
 It was a lovely afternoon jaunt. (Pack Lady... What is jaunt? I went for walk). I needed walk after an indoor morning. They forgot to take me for my morning walk. I didn't say anything... because I'm a good girl. My name is Angel after all.....  They forgot to bring my ball on the hike (I was put out. I forgave them). I found wonderful smelling sticks. The bouquets (what's bouquets? smells?... I only know 25 words... so Pack Lady is helpful) of hemlock, pine, maple vines and cedar with a splash of soft messages from my cousins and bigger animals and smaller animals. It was wonderful to be in the outdoors. Pack Leader didn't throw sticks.... I brought for him..... I brought him many different kinds too. None of them, was satisfying him.
 The ground was soft and mushy... it squished between my paws.. I don't like dirty paws. I am not a dirty girl... I am an Angel. I ate many books when I was growing up... I am smart. I loved Caesar Milan's book... It was very good... Like me... I am very good... Pack Leader tells me I am mostly good dog. He gives me hamburgers. I love pack leader. I love the forest. I love sticks. I love balls... They didn't bring my ball. I forgave them. SQUIRREL? Got to go!

Nina's Pic's

How to Improve the Adventure
by Alora
1)hot tub(waters too cold)
2)automated moving walkway(gets tiring)
3)stable where you can rent horses to go on a trail ride
4)snack shop where you can get food for free!