Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Squamish River... Stuff the Sausage in There!

Peaceful and serene. This is what we desired...

After weeks of chaos and months without an adventure we were trembling with anticipation and looking to re-charge our batteries at the journey ahead. We wanted be on our best behavior before the last few days of Christmas. 
Nerves were shot and truth be told... there was a small dark cloud of resentment forming over some of our heads as we backed out of our little carport in the city and headed North towards the fresh air and large open skies. 
"Here's $20 bucks. The three of you go."  We needed to make a stop at the grocery store for marshmallows and hot dogs, so I gave the girls money and told them to go together to pick out what kind of hot dog they wanted.
"I'm staying in the car."
"I'm not going!"
" I don't want to shop alone. I don't know what kind of hot dog to get." No one got out of the car. 
"Give me back the money!" In a huff and a few heated exchanged words I got out of the car. "Teenagers!" I exhaled in a whisper as I stomped through the busy, brightly lite store, an irritated woman on a mission. I was so focused, that I didn't realize Kalina had followed me in until I reached the marshmallows.
"I just need some family time," said my youngest a few weeks back. "I want to go on an adventure." she added. The chaos of school and work was getting the best of each of us and an adventure was how our family relaxed. Nature brings out the peace in each of us, just in time for Christmas.
We headed somewhere close, because we didn't have time for an overnight adventure, just a day trip. Squamish was our destination. A campfire at the Squamish River. Oktoberfest sausages... Marshmallows... baguette... Camembert cheese... tomato soup... Aloe Vera juice... chocolate... what more could anyone need? Maybe a coffee?
We stopped at the Starbucks in Squamish first, before we headed to Squamish Valley Road, left off the 99, right by the Alice Lake Provincial Park cut off by Brackendale.
The road had a big sign that said, "road washed out", but we saw another car go through so we followed it in. Just past the power station, the road did have a few centimeters of water on it, maybe 200feet wide, and then the road was fine again. We didn't venture too far in; a few kilometers, then we turned off on a logging road and headed towards the river.
It took a little while to shed off all the pent up irritations, but after some chopping, foraging and splashing, we were almost back to our normal selves again. 

We even sang Christmas carols around the campfire. I'm pretty sure I even saw and heard Rene singing, although he would say I had imagined it.

What I didn't imagine, was that Chef Rene, whipped up a special french treat for us. Fire toasted baguette with melted Camembert cheese. Our family camps in style!

Served on a fire roasted log platter. Tres chic! And that was just the appetizer.

"Stuff the sausage in there!" This was our main course, Oktober Fest Sausages... that I picked out, and they were good. But, then again, isn't everything that's fire roasted good?
I know that this "family" time will become more rare as time passes. They are teenagers after all and they will be too busy with friends, school and work over the next few years. They will have the choice, more and more, not to want to come on these little adventures with their Mommy and Daddy. I get that. 
In the mean time, I will cherish this time with them, and focus on all the good things this  day has brought; the laughter, the singing, the conversation, and the adventure that I was able to share with the ones that I love the most in life.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many adventures with your family this coming year!


Dog's Blog:
I had much fun running around. I showed pack leader how he must jump over the small stream to get to the other side where the rest of the pack was, but he did not jump. He did not know how. He had to walk to a place where the small stream narrowed. Then he jumped, but not as well as I do. He is not so graceful, but I love him, and I will continue to show him how. 
They made a bed for me by the fire and I was fed sausages. It was very good, much better than kibble! 
I love adventures with my pack!