Monday, April 16, 2012

Yoda and the Dogside of the Force

Part Three of 'Cat Man...Dog Woman'.

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Yoda the little wise green man
Has Yoda (the cat) really gone to the dogside? Cat man may not believe it, but I do. Read on, and decide for yourself...

 Yoda's been with us for six years now. He was only 3 weeks old when he and his siblings came from the SPCA and into our lives.
"Can you foster care a mom with 6 kittens?" That afternoon we picked up Jelly, and her cutsie little 6 beans.
 There are times when I still feel such an overwhelming loss and remorse at having to give them all up, but beans grow and we live in a townhouse, not a farm.

Jelly and her beans

So... we could only keep one...
Jellybean was a great mom. She kept all her little beans close to her side, she always knew where they were, and was patient with them when they got into trouble. We thought about keeping her, because quite truthfully, once back at the SPCA, who would want to adopt an old cat when there's cute kittens around. But somehow, when she went back to the SPCA to get 'fixed', we lost track of her. There were complications and her wound became infected. The administrator was a little vague with the details.  I'm still unsure if she was ever adopted or if she passed away due to complications. I could cry just thinking of the latter (Yes, Dog Woman can cry over a cat). My hope is that she lived a long happy life with a family who loved her, maybe still loves her? Let's think happy thoughts shall we? The kittens:
 There was Boots...

Sweat Pea...



and Yoda's brother Trouble...

Remember when he and Miss-Adventure stole a sausage off the dinner plate? I swear I just turned for a second to get the potatoes in the kitchen and when I came back a sausage was missing off a plate... they were dragging it across the floor.

Yoda the kitten
We chose Yoda, not because he was cute and the others weren't... but because he was the most like his Mama, maybe not in looks, but in character.
...and he got along with Queen Pharaoh.

So now, the question I ask you is this... is Yoda more like a cat or a dog? Here are two lists of character traits... let's see which one is longer?

Like a Cat
1.  He brought home a bird once and dropped it at my feet (that was so gross!).
2.  He cat naps.
3.  He sleeps on your face, or crawls under the covers with you (unlike a dog who sleeps at the end of your bed...oh wait a minute...Yoda does that too).
4.  They say, looks may be deceiving...but he does look like a cat.
5.  He plays with strings and feathers.
6.  He loves cat nip.
7.  He torments the dog and the neighbours dog Chopper. He sticks his paw through the neighbours mail slot in the door, as if to say, "Nanna nana boo boo, you can't get me." And he chases Angel around the house (Angel kisses him, he bites her ankles - I keep telling her she's 5 times bigger, but she's such an Angel, she holds no grudges).

Like a Dog
1.  He licks water out of the toilet.
2.  He steals food from the table.
3.  He seeks out human companionship. Unlike Pharaoh who is anti-social.
4.  He likes to go for walks with the dog and I.
5.  He seeks out the companionship of other dogs (only to torment them - just a little technicality).
6.  He likes to lick you (Blah... I know where that tongue has been! Just be careful when you yawn, he like to stick his head right into your mouth).
7.  He sleeps at the end of the bed.

Well, looks like it's a tie. Yoda is either a dog or a cat.
Makes me wonder... if the cat has dog characteristics... can Cat Man have dog characteristics too?
Is Cat Man really a closet dog lover?
Is that Yoda sleeping with the dog?

My sources tell me, Cat Man was found in bed with Angel... Could it be true?

Stay tuned for Part four of "Cat Man and Dog Woman."

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter - Bunnies pooping chocolate eggs?

Why do we celebrate Easter? Is it about bunnies pooping out chocolate eggs? Or is it really something more?
I was reading that in ancient times the egg represented new life, a re-birth of sorts in spring festivals of long ago. Don't know how the bunny got involved? If you find out, let me know.
Spring is a time of re-birth, the death of winter awakens in the spring.
Sunday morning I wondered why I did not feel awakened, alive and refreshed. You see I was up four times during the night to let the dog out. Angel had an upset tummy and I resented the fact that I was the only one in our family who heard her whining. As I grumbled my way back into bed for the last time at 5:53am, I thought of how irritated and resentful I felt towards the dog and my family for the lack of sleep.
"You have more than me!" I awoke at 7:45am to the melodious Easter melody of children fighting, as to, whom had more pooped out chocolate than the other.
"Is this what Easter is all about? Is it about the greed of how many candies I have?" At that moment, in my grumpy state, I hated the Easter bunny. I also realized, that maybe I didn't do such a good job teaching my children what Easter is all about. This is my humble attempt to teach you, my girls.

Easter is about being saved. A re-birth, an awakening.

"You are valuable just because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are. Just think about the way Jesus honours you... and smile." Max Lucado

A seed dies in the fall and winter...

... only to grow into a beautiful flower in the spring and summer.

So, what does all this have to do with us, here and now? Why do we need to be saved? Why did Jesus die over 2000 years ago for us to be saved?
If we need to be saved or go through a process of re-birth, that must mean there's death somewhere in our lives. Maybe not externally but internally.

"I'm a good person... I try to live a good life... I don't murder... I try not to lie... I don't cheat anyone... I have never committed adultery... I don't sin... I never fight with my sister... What are you talking about?"
Sin, it's such a religious word. I'm with you there... I'm the first to roll my eyes at religious words. You know the ones; Sin, Salvation, Atonement and Resurrection. Those words have given me the willies in the past, only because I didn't really understand what those words meant.  I've done a little investigating and I've been looking into the history of what these words meant in their original Hebrew and Greek words.

Did you know that the word atonement was made up in 1526 by the English writer William Tyndale when he was translating the New Testament into English. There was no English word to replace the old Greek word of katallage (kat-al-lag-ay) which means restoration to the divine or reconciliation. So William made up AT-ONE-MENT.
So why do we need to be restored or reconciled? Sin.
So what's sin? I looked it up in Strong's Concordance. You know there are 11 Hebrew words for sin? The two most popular words used in the Old Testament are chattaah (khat-taw-aw) which means an offense and chata (khaw-taw) which means to miss, lead astray or offend. The Greek words in the New Testament are hamatia (ham-ar-tee-ah) which means missing the mark or a concrete wrongdoing and hamartano (ham-ar-tan-o) which means miss the mark (not share in the prize), and offend.
So what have we been doing wrong, to offend God?  Alister E. McGrath says  in his book, 'Theology: The Basics'.

"What is sin? Although in everyday language the word "sin" means something like "a moral failing" or  "an immoral act," the term has a more precise theological meaning. The fundamental sense of "sin" is something that separates humanity from God." 

I like how he breaks "sin" down into these 6 categories: Alienation, Captivity, Guilt, Condemnation, Illness and Being lost. Let's take a closer look?

1) Alienation - Isolation, a loneliness of not fitting in or belonging. I know I have felt this many times in the coarse of my life. Have you felt alienated?
2) Captivity - Addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, T.V, junk food, horses, work, fear or anything that takes precedence over the people that really matter in your life. Fear has controlled me too many times in my life and worrying about what other people think of me has held me captive. How about you?
3) Guilt - I think every human has felt guilt at one time or another. An unkind word spoken through gossip? or irritation and anger? A lie. A fight over chocolate poop? Have you ever felt guilt?
4) Condemnation - Have you ever felt judged? People looking down their noses at you because you did something they didn't approve? Their way doesn't necessarily mean your way was wrong... just wrong in their eyes. Have you ever been the one to judge someone? Looking down your nose and disapproving an action? Guilty as charged... I have judged. How about you?
5) Illness - I have let stress and fear make me ill. How about you?
6) Being lost - I have been so confused, not knowing what to do, what to believe, and who to trust. I have been hurt because I've trusted the wrong people with my deepest feelings. Because of this confusion, I chose isolation in the past and that brings us back to #1 - Alienation.

If you have said yes to just one of the above, you have been separate from God. The above can also separate us from one and other. Don't feel bad for too long though... you see... to go along with the religious word of "sin" there's another religious word to counter it, "salvation". Now, before you get your knickers in a knot, lets take a look at what this word means.
The 3 most popular Hebrew words used in the Old Testament are:
1) Yshuwah (yesh-oo-aw) - something saved, deliverance, help.
2) Yesha (yay-shah) - liberty, deliverance, saving.
3) Tshuwah (tesh-oo-aw) - rescue, deliverance, help, victory.

I don't know if it's just me, but do the Hebrew words for deliverance look very close to the Hebrew words for God (Yahweh and Yhovah)? Could the root words for God mean deliverer, rescuer, helper? Certainly is something to look into?

"So how does this connection between sin and salvation show itself in the person of Jesus Christ, as saviour of humanity? .... Salvation is the breaking down of the barrier of separation between humanity and God..." Alister E. McGrath

Sin is death (like the seeds in winter), Salvation is a re-birth (like the flowers in spring), it means reconciliation for the alienated, liberation for the captive, forgiveness for the guilty, vindication for the condemned, healing for the ill and being found for the lost. God wants us to have a healthy relationship with each other as well and with him. That's why he came here 2000 years ago. That's why he died on a cross and 3 days later he rose again. He defeated death (or sin), and He did it to save his creation from alienation, captivity, guilt, condemnation, illness and being lost.

God has done His part... now we have to do ours...

Just believe it!

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