Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stave Lake - By Zajac Ranch

April 25th, 2010

"Do I press the gas petal, all the way to the floor?" Kalina asked her father who was giving his 10 year old daughter a driving lesson in a standard stick shift 'Zuki'.
"NO! We'll end up in the lake." he answered quickly, "ease up off the clutch... and as you do... give a little gas."
"Which one was the gas?.... and which one was the clutch, again?"
Approximately 10 stalls and starts later... off she went across the beach and mud flats of Stave lake.

"She's a crazy driver." My husband whispered to me after her lesson. 
"Did you see her come up over that rise?" he asked me.
"No." I glanced in the direction he was pointing to and noticed a small incline similar to a sand bar, but made from one inch diameter rocks.
"We took air coming up over that thing... she didn't brake." Good thing the emergency brake was beside him.

(Way in the back of the picture, you can see the mound).

Next student! This was Alora's second lesson. She didn't stall the car once... just like an 11 year old pro. 
"She can now drive her and her sister to school." I said to RenĂ© afterward, "And I won't have to get out of bed."
" I wonder if she could go early for her Drivers Ed?" he asked with a smile. 
"Maybe Driver's Ed in the mud flats?"

We found a lovely spot by a meandering river, just down from the Zajac Ranch for kids
We couldn't drive over the bridge, it was to unstable, so we went through the stream.
Even I drove!
That's me!

"You're driving Anuschka!" and with that he stepped out of the car and walked ahead.
"But I can't!" I called out after him.
"Yes you can." It's amazing how fear holds you back, and tells you that you can't.... and yet RenĂ© knew I could. 
"We are our own worst enemy."
This is me too! My heart was pounding. 
"What if I stall the care in the middle of that hill?"
"You'll roll back and start again." Thank goodness my husband is a patient man. 

I loved it! 

So, ladies.... who wants to come with me to Clear Creek Hot Springs? I can drive there now!

Nina's Pic's

Alora's Corner
I drove! Yippie.

Dog's Blog
Stick? Another stick? More stick?

Yea! Stick... Finally they understand me. I think humans are not so smart like me. They do not understand dogs very well. Good thing I am patient.

I love my pack. I had good time. All dogs will love this place. There are lots of sticks!


Jeremy Schollie said...

Really cool pictures. I would like to know if your Suzuki is stock or if you have had any work done to it?

Anuschka said...

It is stock... no work done to it.