Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cliff Park in Maple Ridge

We've lived in Maple Ridge for years now and we never knew this beautiful spot existed... we totally missed this beautiful nook, so close to us. We now go there often to take in the splendid natural surroundings so close to home.

There are many trails to hike in the area.... there is also a picnic area with toilets close by. 

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Dogs Blog
I was not there... Cats held me hostage... they tied me up and I could not go. I can not believe Pack Leader left with out me?... I was sad... 
Maggie came later and untied me...she saved me from the cats... I am very happy now... my cousin is here.

Those darn dogs... foiled again... But I am working on a plan.... Hee hee!

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Anonymous said...

Just got back from Holland, and read your blog. I really enjoy it, keep going. Love Thea