Saturday, January 21, 2012

GripOns - Snow Tires For Your Feet

Hey My Beauties,

Looks like a Winter's Wonderland outside... Not bad for the Wild West Coast (or should I say Wild Wet Coast). I've seen a couple of neighbours putting their Christmas lights back up this week. Looks pretty in the snow. Although it's been pretty cold and icy this week, that Artic Air Flow didn't last very long heh? It's raining again...
"Poo...Poo." I know you're saying. I know you want more snow. Every kid loves the snow, but I want you to know that not every adult hates it. I'm one of those adults who like snow (not for too long though). I love the crispness in the air, the white clean snow, the quiet when snow is falling, but I don't like the ice.
Last Monday, as I walked Angel, I found myself flat out on my derriere. I was walking gingerly over some crunchy ice and snow and the next minute, "BOOM!" I was down.
Now, if I was 20 years younger, I probably would have got up immediately, but I'm not 26 anymore and I found myself sitting there for a few minutes dazed and confused.
You see at 406...I mean 46... my brain takes a little more time to process 'what the heck happened' and then it needed to process what body parts were still working and what needed help. So after a few minutes making sure everything still worked (plus the realization that my bum was getting cold), I slowly got up and thanked God I wasn't 86.
When I told your father what happened he went out and bought me some Dakota GripOns to put over my boot. That's the one of the many things I love about your dad,  he is always making sure his family is safe.
Well, let me tell you... those grippy things really work. This past week walking on the ice was great. Each step I took was solid and sturdy and it gave me confidence. I began to throw caution to the wind and I even ran a few steps on the driveway ice rink.
"This is great!" With no more fear of falling down I power walked the dog around the block.

Ice is not the only thing that's going to make you fall in life. Someone we love says or does something that hurts our feelings; in anger someone we trust lashes out; circumstances seem negative around us and people we love get sick and die.
 Physically, mentally and spiritually we need GripOns to help us get through life. Keep us sturdy and to walk with confidence through the icy conditions life throws at us. Good friends to trust and talk to who keep us accountable with the actions and choices we make, loving mentors that hold us when we need a hug and a shoulder to cry on, but also let us go to explore and learn, and the knowledge that someone (no matter what we've done or bad choices we've made) loves us as we are.

By the time you actually read this blog, I'll probably be 86.
Can you do something for me girls? Bring two pairs of Dakota GripOns to the nursing home where your father and I are living. The one I have now will probably be worn out and I'd rather not fall and break a hip.

I love you!

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