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Yoda and the Dogside of the Force

Part Three of 'Cat Man...Dog Woman'.

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Yoda the little wise green man
Has Yoda (the cat) really gone to the dogside? Cat man may not believe it, but I do. Read on, and decide for yourself...

 Yoda's been with us for six years now. He was only 3 weeks old when he and his siblings came from the SPCA and into our lives.
"Can you foster care a mom with 6 kittens?" That afternoon we picked up Jelly, and her cutsie little 6 beans.
 There are times when I still feel such an overwhelming loss and remorse at having to give them all up, but beans grow and we live in a townhouse, not a farm.

Jelly and her beans

So... we could only keep one...
Jellybean was a great mom. She kept all her little beans close to her side, she always knew where they were, and was patient with them when they got into trouble. We thought about keeping her, because quite truthfully, once back at the SPCA, who would want to adopt an old cat when there's cute kittens around. But somehow, when she went back to the SPCA to get 'fixed', we lost track of her. There were complications and her wound became infected. The administrator was a little vague with the details.  I'm still unsure if she was ever adopted or if she passed away due to complications. I could cry just thinking of the latter (Yes, Dog Woman can cry over a cat). My hope is that she lived a long happy life with a family who loved her, maybe still loves her? Let's think happy thoughts shall we? The kittens:
 There was Boots...

Sweat Pea...



and Yoda's brother Trouble...

Remember when he and Miss-Adventure stole a sausage off the dinner plate? I swear I just turned for a second to get the potatoes in the kitchen and when I came back a sausage was missing off a plate... they were dragging it across the floor.

Yoda the kitten
We chose Yoda, not because he was cute and the others weren't... but because he was the most like his Mama, maybe not in looks, but in character.
...and he got along with Queen Pharaoh.

So now, the question I ask you is this... is Yoda more like a cat or a dog? Here are two lists of character traits... let's see which one is longer?

Like a Cat
1.  He brought home a bird once and dropped it at my feet (that was so gross!).
2.  He cat naps.
3.  He sleeps on your face, or crawls under the covers with you (unlike a dog who sleeps at the end of your bed...oh wait a minute...Yoda does that too).
4.  They say, looks may be deceiving...but he does look like a cat.
5.  He plays with strings and feathers.
6.  He loves cat nip.
7.  He torments the dog and the neighbours dog Chopper. He sticks his paw through the neighbours mail slot in the door, as if to say, "Nanna nana boo boo, you can't get me." And he chases Angel around the house (Angel kisses him, he bites her ankles - I keep telling her she's 5 times bigger, but she's such an Angel, she holds no grudges).

Like a Dog
1.  He licks water out of the toilet.
2.  He steals food from the table.
3.  He seeks out human companionship. Unlike Pharaoh who is anti-social.
4.  He likes to go for walks with the dog and I.
5.  He seeks out the companionship of other dogs (only to torment them - just a little technicality).
6.  He likes to lick you (Blah... I know where that tongue has been! Just be careful when you yawn, he like to stick his head right into your mouth).
7.  He sleeps at the end of the bed.

Well, looks like it's a tie. Yoda is either a dog or a cat.
Makes me wonder... if the cat has dog characteristics... can Cat Man have dog characteristics too?
Is Cat Man really a closet dog lover?
Is that Yoda sleeping with the dog?

My sources tell me, Cat Man was found in bed with Angel... Could it be true?

Stay tuned for Part four of "Cat Man and Dog Woman."

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