Friday, August 31, 2012

Casa del Pollo Fuego

"So Rene won't let you cook at home anymore?" The neighbour saw me bringing over a dish of potatoes to cook at Krista's house last Wednesday afternoon. My stove was unplugged due to kitchen Reno's, and my friend so graciously allowed me to use her stove even after what happened on Monday.
"As long as it's not chicken, I'm still allowed to cook." I said to the neighbour and continued to Krista's house. I understand the jokes at my expense, heck, I've made fun of myself as well these last 5 days.
Last Monday afternoon I made a stupid mistake. A mistake that could have left me and my family homeless. A mistake that has left me sleepless for the last 4 nights. A mistake that has made me feel a large range of emotions from sorry for myself, to feeling angry at myself, to feeling humbled and grateful for my life, my family and my friends and neighbours.
Last Monday afternoon I left a pot of chicken on the stove, and left the house to walk the dog. Everyone was with me, Rene, Alora, Kalina and Bella, only the cats were at home. And we had a wonderful long 2 hour walk.
We came home to find 2 fire trucks in front of our townhouse complex and we wondered what happened to our neighbours, and which one may be in trouble.
"That's weird, " Kalina said, "I don't remember opening my bedroom window." Then I remembered the chicken.
"The chicken Rene!" The rest is a bit of a blur.
There was running, there was crying, there was praying, there was chaos, there was a smashed up front door, there was screaming for the cats, there were neighbours consoling, there was a smoking pot of chicken, and then there was relief.
And now, the clean-up. Smoke damage to the kitchen cabinets and a new front door. We are so lucky!

I am very grateful to my neighbour who heard the smoke alarm and came to investigate then called 911 when they looked into the kitchen window and  saw thick smoke, then climbed onto my roof to try and get in Kalina's bedroom window because they thought Rene might still be asleep (he works night shifts but had Monday off). Thank-you for taking that risk for us.

Thank-you to the Maple Ridge Fire men for getting to my house on time to put out my mistake and making sure the cats were OK.
Sorry you had a little trouble getting into my front door. It was the six inch screws holding the dead bolt together. Wasn't it?

At least we know it's really hard for criminals to get in.

Thank-you to the neighbours who helped with putting in a new front door. The one gave us a deal on a new door and the others who helped install it.
Thank-you for the strawberry cake, and the offer to buy pizza for us Monday night.
Thank-you to Rene, you are amazing and I am truly grateful to you for all the hard work you have done in cleaning up my mess. See the story My husband My hero in the previous mess I made last year (don't worry honey, I don't think I'll be making a mess next year? Keep your fingers crossed).

Rene and I so appreciate everyone's help. We really live in a wonderful community of people who care and look out for one and other.

Rene and I would like to celebrate this blessing, the blessing of great neighbours and friends, this Sat (Sept 1st, 2012) at our house. Please come for a BBQ at 4pm at the Casa del Pollo Fuego (the name of our house now - 'The house of the fire chicken' for those who don't speak Spanish).

Don't worry... I won't be cooking chicken!

Let us know if you can make it, so we know how many burgers to buy @

Here's a few more shots of the kitchen Reno's. Once everything is done, I'll post more photo's.
Rene and I were talking about getting a new kitchen for 2 years now... I suppose, sometimes you need to light a fire to get things done?
If you need some kitchen Reno's, I am free to make some Pollo del Fuego anytime. Just let me know.


Aleesha said...

So sorry to hear about the fire. I could see that happening to me as I am constantly trying to do 4 things at once and then forgetting what the first 2 were. Good luck with the renos, we look forward to seeing your new kitchen soon!

Anuschka said...

Thanks for your thoughts... we'll have to have you and Steve over for dinner once it's done.
Do you like chicken? LOL!