Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Whole Family on Vacation at Beach Acres Resort

"Family?...the whole family?...Mom?... Dad?... My Sisters?... Their kids?... On vacation with us?"
"Are you nuts?" 

Was this the beginning of aging? Senility? It didn't make sense. My husband wanted to go on vacation with my family, the whole family.

"It's my birthday. This is what I want."

So off to Parksville we tootled in the early morning hours, wagon train style, to Rathtrevor Provincial Park.

It was another amazing adventure filled with coffee, chaos, compassion, crazy, fire roasted marshmallows, love, laughter, sand, sea shells, and yes... even rainbows!
Rathtrevor Beach
The idea of sleeping on the ground... in a tent... in the rain... did not sound appealing. We called Beach Acres Resort and booked 2 cabins instead. It was wonderful! The 2 bedroom cabins had nautical themes, were very clean and well equipped. We did not want for anything. We were even able to roast a small turkey in the oven. To be truthful, I could live there.

The view from our bed

One morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise... the next we saw seals and porpoises  as we drank coffee in bed, thanks to my sister.
Notice the feet in the corner by the curtains?

It was fantastic. We were spoiled!

And we had the cutest company joining us on vacation too. 
Poopa? Nay?

"Is this where we are going to buy our new home Mama?"
Ella brought her friend Bear.

Sometimes bear needed some quiet time.
Rathtrevor Park was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Beach Acres and rain or shine we walked a lot.

We enjoyed coffee on the balcony, in the sunshine, which was rare and fleeting!

Me and my baby

Sabrina and her baby
Natascha and her baby
A great time had by all... we even got Oma out on the beach in a thunderstorm...

Sometimes, getting out with the whole family seems a little daunting. Sometimes, there are differences that irritate and personalities that clash. We need to remember that life is precious, and short, and we are blessed with each other for only a short while, so enjoy it!

Ella wasn't the only one who brought a friend...Oma brought Walker. 

However, she had to leave a day early and allowed Walker to stay the extra day with us.  Walker wanted to go everywhere! It was hard to keep up... anyways...that's a story for another time. 

Here's a snapshot of the next blog, "Oma's Walker Goes on Vacation:

...coming soon! 

Here's a little slide show of the fun we had:

Thanks too...
- My Husband for wanting us all to get together like this
- My Family for wanting to come
- Beach Acres Resort for the room with a view
- Sabrina for coffee in bed
- God for the rainbow

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