Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pitt Lake - Raven Creek Campsite

"All this is basically in our backyard," my husband motioned with his one arm and held onto our boat's 5 horsepower outboard engine. We had left the car in Grant Narrows Regional Park and headed north on a journey to see how far we could get up the Lake.

Google Map of Pitt Lake

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You can rent canoes at Grant Narrows Park

Raven Creek was beautiful. This camp site was on the eastern side, approximately at the 1/5 way mark of the Lake.

The beach is tidal, so make sure you have ascertained if the 
tide is rising or falling, then park your boat accordingly.

There were many good sites to pitch a tent on the beach or in the forest, and there is a clean, concrete, 
working outhouse, but bring your own toilet paper.

There is a large rockfall at the north end of the beach, so we did a little exploring. There is also a great rock wall behind the campsites at the end of the beach.... fantastic for beginners or more advanced climbers.
 On the weekends, in the summer, there is a lot of boat traffic but,  if you're looking for a peaceful spot try it during the week. Off season would be best.

"There be GOLD in them mountains!" legend tells of lots of gold, sold and taken out of these mountain streams, so bring you gold pan!

Have a great adventure!

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