Friday, November 20, 2009

Cogburn Beach - East Harrison Lake

November 14th 2009

 Our destination was originally Clear Creek Hot Springs..... not Cogburn Beach...... Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, it was not to be.... 
 This past summer we visited Clear Creek (our family loves Hot Springs). The day was hot... too hot to be sitting in a car for 3 hours with 2 kids and a dog and no air conditioning....  when we got up to the springs, our bodies were looking for refreshment, not a boiling pot of  steaming water. We stuck our toes in...  then went down to Clear Creek and sat in the invigoratingly cool river. 
"At least we know where it is for next time." hubby stated. 
 We were really looking forward to the hot springs this past Saturday.  A  few weeks of monsoon weather, here in B.C, have left us cold to the bone; so the springs were going to be very welcome. 

However, due to the abundance of rain, 
at about 25 km, the road was washed out. 
Sad and still cold we turned back towards 
Cogburn beach.

Video clip of Harrison East washed out 14Nov09

Cogburn Beach Recreation site is approximately 20 Km up along the east side of the lake. Almost 2 Km long it has limited access to drive down onto the beach. 4 wheel drive access only... although we did see a mini van drive down onto the beach, we did not see it get back up. I have a hunch it needed to be winched up. 
 During the summer, I noticed most of the campers parked along the side of the road and carried their camping gear down onto the beach. This Rec. site is a popular spot during the weekends in the summer, so plan on having a few neighbours.

We warmed up at the camp fire and shared a hot soup lunch with roasted marshmallows  for dessert. Watched the dog eat a peanut butter sandwich. Then we read a few chapters of "The Sirens of Surrentum" by Caroline Lawrence.  Not the adventure we had started out to do but, over all a great day. Sometimes you just need to go with the flow.
 The scenery is pretty amazing along the east side of the lake. We stopped often to look at the views and to take pictures. Just remember, there is active logging along this road during the week. 
Be safe and have fun exploring.

Forestry Service Map

Video clip of Beautiful Waterfall - Harrison East 14nov09

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Dogs Blog

I had nice day. It was fun. Lots of great smells. I found many sticks for camp fire. Camp Fire hot... I stay away... Sometimes sparks hit me... they burn... so I stay away....Like I stay away from Yoda (Cat at home). He has claws that hurt me like sparks... and I never know when he is going to use them... Sometimes we sleep together and I think he loves me... then he swats me with his paw and bites my nose... but I forgive him. I am an Angel. He is Yoda.
Here is me eating peanut butter sandwich... I love Pack Leader...

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