Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tofino Part 3

He could see on the horizon this wave was big. His heart pounded. He clutched the board with his cold, numb hands, and he waited. The moment came upon him too swiftly. The wave was bigger than he thought. He jumped on and rode the wave, clinging on to some imaginary force in nature that would restore his balance. This was Rene....the surfer dude dad.
"Hang ten! Naarly."

Surfing was amazing! Hannah at Pacific Surf School was a great Instructor. Thank-you Hannah!
It cost us $357 for 3 hours with a personal surfing Instuctor, west suits and boards for the 4 of us. The kids picked up surfing in no time...they were naturals...Alora was doing 180's within 1/2 an hour on the board.
Even Kalina was Rippin'

Even I got into the game....I was soooooo good...they called me 'splash'....an endearing term, I thought.... I looked it up on Riptionary a surfing lingo web site. I'll let you look it up. 'splash'

That's about as far as I got..... any further and into the drink I went....Next time I'll stand on it!
Here are a few more pictures.....Thank-you to Jennifer from PSS who sent these shots...

We loved it so much we actually went back the next day and rented 2 boards and 4 wet suits from the rental place next to the Storm. This cost us $105 for a 6 hour rental.
"Came back for more eh?" a guy from PSS recognized us, "You caught the surfin' bug."
Yes we did....Costly...but so much fun....well worth it.
I would recommend taking a lesson...it's more than just learning surfing moves...it's also about safety....the right of way...reading the waves and checking out undercurrents...so please be safe before you try it out.
Here's a few shots of us on our own the next day...
 Thanks for stopping by....stay tuned for Part 4.....Forestry Service roads adventure...to Revelstoke and Mable Lake.

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LeelaRocks said...

Beautiful photos Anuschka! Looks like a trip for the memory book :)