Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Canuck Mobile

"Oh no...Otto's overheating!" There I was sitting in the middle of a big fat line up at the peace arch crossing, with the temperature gauge of a 1992 VW Van flashing angrily at me.
"Will we have to push the van back to Canada Mom?" My daughter knew the drill, she's been around a few old cars since she was born.

There was Vanny that blew an engine in Denver.

Then there was Goldie who had a funky starter motor and left me stalled at the U.S border.
"Do you need a push?" The irritated guard asked.
"No..it's Okay...she'll start any second now." After the 20th try he rolled his eyes at me and left his post to go find some more guys to push the piece of junk out of the way. While he was gone Goldie started and I scooted off, red faced and embarrassed. Oh yeah...she also had a hole at the top of her gas tank, so I couldn't fill it up all the way. Dispite the mechanical mishaps...we have seen a lot of beautiful places.

So now, I'm driving Otto and out of all the VW vans I've driven over the years, Otto is different. Not only is he Automatic, but he's been transformed into "The Canuck Mobile".

 Every once in a while we need a little transformation to gain a new perspective on things. The last 2 weeks have been a bit trying for me. Many disappointments, from a dear friend going in for a serious surgery, my email being used to send out spam, feeling unwell with the flu, to a loved one having a miscarriage and rushed to the hospital with hemorrhaging.
So, I found myself the other day, balling my eyes out, driving on the Mary Hill by pass. Tears streaming down my face, there I was emotionally pouring my heart out while driving to pick up my husband in Coquitlam.
"BEEP>>>BEEP>>>BEEP! YAH CANUCKS!" a red sports car with young fans waved and beeped at me as they zoomed past. In my misery I  had forgotten what I was driving. There in my sadness and mourning of a life, I realized just how absurd life can be and how quickly life changes from a tragedy to a comedy within seconds.
I honked my horn...waved out the window...dried my tears and smiled. I was driving the 'Canuck Mobile' after all.
Luongo buddy... If you find yourself needing a little encouragement before the next game...the keys to Otto are yours. Take him for as long as you need. Just keep an eye on the gauge...He overheats when standing idle or going up big hills.

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