Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Ugly Sweater

Ugly sweater as per Oma
 Hey my Beauties,

Mom's can be irritating. Great topic you say? I know, one day you will feel this way about me, maybe you already do?  Just to let you know... kids can be irritating too. But, that's for another blog, today I want to talk to you about annoying Moms.
Mom's protect their children at all costs to make sure their offspring are safe. Mom's are going to teach you what they know, some good, some bad, (the rest you'll have to figure out on your own). Mom's are going to love you no matter what. Unconditional, it's a part of who we are. Mom's are also blunt enough to tell you when they find the sweater you're wearing is ugly. Like last weekend.
"That...that...sweater darling," your Oma began last Sunday. She shook her head repulsed by what she saw, "It's not a nice look... not flattering at all." It began innocent enough, but then it got down right disagreeable. "Where ever did you buy that thing? That sweater wouldn't look good on anyone... you should give it away... not to someone you like... no... you should wash the toilet with it." That's when she went upstairs to get something.
Talk about being honest. Tante Bina couldn't believe that your Oma was being so candid with me, but then again she didn't know about the time your grandmother brought over a box of highlight's for my hair (a subtle hint to spruce myself up a bit). I had gone back to my natural hair colour two weeks before because my hair was falling out and I couldn't afford colouring it every month, that left me with real ugly roots for a couple of weeks. I hated that, so I went from being a blonde back to brunette (as a blonde I really didn't have more fun anyway, as the expression says). I think she understood after I explained it to her, at least she never approached the subject again.
New and improved sweater as per Oma
After a few minutes, she came downstairs with a new and improved sweater right out of her closet, because that's what Moms do when their children are wearing ugly clothes, they give you the clothes right off their backs (or at least out of their closets).
It was a little irritating, but we had a lot of fun that afternoon, we laughed a lot. Truthfully, I'm glad I have a Mom who tells me that I'm wearing an ugly sweater, and most importantly, a Mom who tells me when I'm wearing an ugly attitude. Because... that's what Mom's do to help their children grow.

So what do I do with the ugly sweater girls?

"Give it to Oma as a joke."
"Ya, tell her you saw it at a thrift store and thought of her."
"Ya, then tell her you only washed the toilet with it once."

Ooooppps! What have I been teaching you?

Love You

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