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Mable Lake B.C - The Bugs... They Were Bad.

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I have only two enemies in life. That’s not too bad, eh?
“Keep you’re friends close and your enemies closer.” I was once told, but I didn’t want those two enemies of mine anywhere near me last week at Mable Lake.
“Love your enemies.” A wise man said once, but I don’t think he meant my two foes.
These two adversaries of mine are disgusting, horrible, and they will drive any rational, strong and stable individual to the brink of insanity. They are… whiners and bugs (mostly the biting one’s… that’s the bugs… not the whiners).
I’ve thought very deeply, this whole week, about why each was created and I had a very tough time trying to find the meaning, purpose, and value in such evil brutes. I suppose the first was created to teach me patience, self-control, and kindness for those who chose to live in a more negative way, and well, the latter?
I have no flip’en clue why God created the mosquito.
There I was a perfectly sane Mama one second, who stepped out of the car upon our arrival at Mable Lake Provincial Park, to help unpack the heavy loaded trailer, and in a few moments… with every blood sucking prick into my flesh… I became Monster Mama, horns and all.  
I retired early that evening. After the tent was set up. There were no bugs in the tent, at least not after I killed them all. You see, I needed a time out, a time to build up my mental strength and find a way to resist turning into Monster Mama despite having those blood thirsty insects around. It was going to be a long week.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” The kids sang the following day. I have a feeling Kelly Clarkson was not referring to mosquito's when she wrote it, but never the less; it was a fitting theme song for the week. Even the dog was having problems with those relentless insects, and she hid out in the tent every moment she could. Princess Dog!
After two days, Lukas looked like he had the Chicken Pox. I see more garlic and onions in his future (it supposedly makes your blood unappealing to mosquito's). He may not like the taste of garlic, but perhaps his sister will make him a garlic necklace? I wonder if that would help? At least he won't have a problem with vampires.
Lukas chillin'

That second day, the kids had made a pact with one and other, “If you see a mosquito, slap and destroy.” Kalina slapped Alora, and Alora slapped Kalina with big smiles on their faces, and Lukas… well he was taught never to hit a girl, but he almost slapped his Uncle Rene.
They were sitting around the campfire, nice and smoky, telling each other stories. It was Lukas’ turn and he was sitting beside his Uncle. As he told his story, suddenly in mid-sentence, his hand shot up and he swung it towards his Uncle’s forehead.
You see, Lukas is a thinking boy, he is constantly thinking about what’s happening and the logic and consequences of the action, so as his hand headed towards Rene’s forehead, he possibly thought, “What am I doing slapping Uncle Rene? He has to drive me home!” In mid-slap he eased on the velocity towards Rene, bent all fingers except his pointer, and gently poked and squished the mosquito.

We went out onto the lake with the Zodiac a lot, only because there were no bugs in the middle of the lake. On the third day we found a nice spot with a rope swing and not too many bugs along the east side of the lake. The kids swam towards the rope as Rene and I tied the boat off on a fallen log on the small beach (due to the wet spring and summer as well as the run off from the mountains, the water level was high and the beaches were microscopic). Rene began to take off his MEC pants and underneath he is wearing the dreaded Speedo (his usual choice is a shorts style bathing suit, but for some strange reason he chose his old Speedo for that day).
“DAD! NO! You didn’t!” Alora, our teenage daughter sputtered, disgusted at the sight of her dad in tight swim pants, “I can’t believe it!” and she looked away embarrassed.  Lukas couldn’t stop laughing; perhaps he was wondering what his dad might look like in a Speedo? I thought Rene looked good, but then again, I’m his wife.
“Oh no! Here comes Speedo Man!” Kalina sang out from the black inner tube she was floating in.
All day and into the evening the kids teased Rene and told us stories about, ‘The Adventures of Speedo Man.’ Dant, Dant, Da! (Even came with music). Kalina made up a skit of how mild mannered Dad turns into ‘Speedo Man’.
“Help! Speedo Man.”
“Mild mannered Rene hears the cry for help.” Kalina says in her best narrator voice.
“I’m coming!” she states in a deep voice. Then she pretends the zipper of her pretend pants gets stuck, ”Oops, just one minute,” and she hops around trying to unzip a false zipper. Then rips the fake pants off in one fell swoop.
Ah, a child’s imagination. Wonderful!
Speedo Man in his informal gear

The following evening as Rene tucked the kids into bed he found a white bra in Lukas’ sleeping bag.
“Buddy.” Rene asked, “Do you need to tell me something?”
“What?” Lukas questioned, as Rene held up the bra.
“Did your Mom pack a bra for you instead of a stuffy toy?”
“Lukas you got some ‘splanning’ to do!”
I had changed into my bathing suit earlier that day in the kids tent, because it was taller than the one Rene and I shared and I’m getting a day older and don’t want to bend over or lie down to change my clothes anymore. I had folded all my clothes, tucked my skivvies into my pants, and placed them on top of my girls blue clothes box. I figured, when the girls went into their box to find clean clothes to change into, they didn’t see my clothes lying on top and when they flung the lid open my clothes went flying into Lukas’ bed.

The following morning, Lukas needed to chop a piece of wood to whittle with that day.
“The axe is on top of our clothes box in our tent.” Rene said and Lukas made his way to our tent.
“AHHHHHHHH!” a scream came from with our small green tent startling everyone.
“What’s wrong Lukas?” Rene asked as he headed towards the direction of the scream.
“There’s a bra and a speedo next to the axe!” Lukas yelped and hurried out the tent, axe in hand.
“You’ll probably need to invest in a little therapy when you get home from this trip.” Rene replied.
Our beautiful view

On one of the last beautiful sunny days, we took the boat out into the middle of the lake and we dove off the boat and into the cold water, except me. They all wanted to try to swim to shore and since the dog can’t maneuver the Zodiac I was captain and Angel was first mate. We had a rope attached to the back of the boat and after a while I ended up dragging 3 weary children behind me. After a few more minutes they wanted in the boat. Rene was still in the water, just up ahead. I made Alora captain and I jumped in after my husband.
The icy water shocked my system. My breath came in gasps and quick huffs as I tried to catch up with my husband.
“Any minute now, I’ll get used to this cold.” And I swam faster to heat things up. A few minutes later, I felt tingles up and down my legs and arms. My heartbeat quickened and I knew at that moment that this icy water was not my friend. I needed to get out.
“ALORA!” I waved an arm for her to see. Like a pro she glided the boat beside me and killed the motor (her dad had been giving her lessons all week). I tried to climb up into the boat, but the tingles in my hands and feet didn’t give me the strength I needed to pull myself up onto the rounded sides of the zodiac. The kids didn’t have enough strength either to pull me up and Rene was almost at the shore by this time.
“Go get your dad.” I said and splashed back into the water with a frustrated sigh.
“I’m okay.” I said and began to swim again to keep warm. Alora looked worried and didn’t want to leave my side.
“It’s okay,” I said again, “Go get Speedo Man.” She threw me a life jacket and off she went to fetch my hero. Within minutes they were back, and Speedo Man pulled me onto the boat and into his arms.
“I love you Speedo Man.” I sighed and cuddled closer to his warmth.
South Mable Marina

Other than in the tent, or out on the water for a dinner cruise in the zodiac, I found the South Mable Lake Marina to be free from bugs as well and I could relax and gain strength again to face those pesky critters. The musk oil I bought there helped as well. 
I love this little marina with its comfy Adirondack chairs and jazz music playing softly in the background, a little piece of heaven on earth.
I actually love everything about Mable Lake, it’s one of my favourite places to be, minus the mosquito's. 

P.S: I'm fine now, all warmed up. I only get tingly when I catch a glimpse of Speedo Man. 

Enjoy the video!

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